Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our Very Own Fariytale!

It was the morning of 7th grade orientation day and my friend Wendy, who was in 9th grade, was showing me around the school. She saw her friend who was also showing his 7th grade friend around the school. We stopped to talk and they introduced us! My heart started skipping beats and my eyes lite up as I looked at quite the stud! And that very second I had my very first middle school crush! Taylor and I had crushes on each other all through middle school. We would eat at the same lunch table and catch glimpses of each other between classes. That was about the extent of any communication minus our one night of shear bliss. We were in the 9th grade and I had my mom drop me off at miniture golfing to meet up with "some friends". But really i got all primped up to meet Taylor there! And for the record "some friends" did tag along! When High School came we went our seperate ways but I never stopped thinking about Taylor. After graduation Taylor joined the Marines and left Utah. We occasionlly messaged on facebook... correction i occasionlly messaged him on facebook! But that was all we heard from each other. You know how usually after 3 strikes you're out...well not in my case! After i struck out with Taylor 3 times i got him!!! Let me explain! The first time I messaged Taylor he was in cali and said he was coming home for a visit and would call me so we could get together. Well he came for a visit alright but he never called me (strike 1). Months passed and I clicked on his facebook page to message him and he was "in a relationship" (strike 2). The third time i messaged him he was on deployment (Strike 3). I clearly should have been out! But i told myself, "what the heck try again"! So the fourth time i messaged him was this past August. He had just gotten back from deployment on July 31st. We started messaging everyday and then texting everyday and then phone calls everyday and skyping and then weekend visits and then THE QUESTION!!! Taylor purposed on February 13th and i of course said YES! We are getting married on June 21st in the Salt Lake Temple. Taylor has a year left in the Marines so i will be moving to California to be with him. Once the year is up we are planning on coming back home to Utah. I love Taylor with all of my heart and I would be nothing without him. In these last 10 months we have had great times and laughed together and hard times with the distance(i've been in Utah he's been in Cali)and cried together! One thing i'm sure of is that not being together has strengthened us as a couple and has taught us to never take each other or any time spent together for granted. As much as i've hated being apart i'm thankful for what its taught me! I am so happy that i get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!!